Lymphatic drainage (pressotherapy)
Today you have a unique opportunity to experience the procedure of pneumomassage – this is a new generation pressotherapy device that performs a mechanical effect on the tissue, as a result of which extracellular fluid is expelled from them – lymph drainage. The essence of such a procedure in the impact on the lymphatic and venous systems is compressed air, supplied through the cuffs. The procedure activates the cell receptors responsible for the breakdown of fat, cleanses and saturates the skin with oxygen. This is a kind of “squeezing massage”, performed not manually, but with the help of special equipment that allows amazingly accurate dose response, changing the density and permeability of tissues given by the program in the device.
Compression therapy, removing excess fluid and harmful toxins from the body, restores the water balance, which is explained by the normalization of the circulation of lymph and intercellular fluid. In the “boots”, worn on the foot, shin and thigh, air is pumped, wave-like compressing soft tissue according to a specially programmed technique. Thus, blood and lymph circulation are activated. Such massage not only removes excess fluid from tissues and metabolic products from the intercellular space, but also eliminates edema, tones the walls of the vessels. Venous circulation is also improved, metabolic processes in the skin and fat cells are activated.

Indications for treatment with Lymphastim:
• Treatment and prevention of stagnant phenomena in the lower and upper limbs.
• Varicose vascular asterisks and varicose veins on the legs.
• Effects of erysipelas – lymphatic drainage and elephantiasis.
• Gouty arthritis.
• Syndrome of tired legs.
• Conditions after surgical treatment with consequences of violations in the arteries, veins and lymph vessels.
• Treatment and prevention of diabetic angiopathy of lower extremities and trophic disorders.

Lymphatic drainage massage effectively relieves edema, allows you to significantly reduce body volume and increase the elasticity of the skin, activate metabolic processes in skin cells, stimulate the body’s defenses, increasing immunity.

Areas of use:
• Cellulite
• Syndrome of heavy legs
• Prevention of varicose veins
• Improvement of trophic structure of the skin
• Fat retention
• Liposuction care
• Recovering
• Regeneration
• Detoxification